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Comparison of flying knit shoes and mesh shoes

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The fly-knit upper can be suitable for running shoes such as asphalt roads, stone roads, grass fields, etc., and generally fits the feet, and its appearance is also better. Shoes made from this material are usually low-top styles. Its characteristics are relatively light, comfortable, flexible, and relatively wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, non-slip.
This is a lightweight and breathable fly-woven mesh shoes, fly-woven forming mesh, light, and breathable fabric, allowing your feet to stretch freely, breathe freely, and run comfortably. The unique mesh fabric is woven inside to circulate the air inside, keep it fresh and transparent, and always dry in summer. The sole is made of soft, light, and translucent rubber sole, which is comfortable to wear, wear-resistant, and non-slip, and it is not easy to break the rubber.

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